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        Safety Analysis of Grinding and Machining of Magnesium Alloy Parts

        Magnesium powder is easy to burn and can cause an explosion when suspended in the air. All possible measures should be taken to ensure the correct collection and disposal of magnesium grinding dust.

        In the dry grinding of magnesium alloy parts, the magnesium slag must be removed from the work area immediately with a well-designed wet vacuum system. The connection between the vacuum cleaner and the grinder should be short and straight, the vacuum cleaner should be kept clean, and the exhaust vent should be placed outdoors. The magnesium slag in the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned up in time to prevent excessive accumulation. Magnesium slag should be stored in water before it is treated.

        Keeping the work environment clean and tidy at all times is essential to ensure the safety of grinding magnesium alloy parts. The connecting pipe between the grinding wheel and the vacuum cleaner must be inspected and cleaned at least once a day, and the entire vacuuming system should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month. Do not allow magnesium powder to collect on seats, windows, piping, and other horizontal surfaces.

        Too many vacuuming equipment should not be connected to a centralized exhaust system. A central vacuum system with a long drying line and a conventional vacuum system with a filter are not suitable for collecting magnesium powder.

        If the magnesium alloy parts are to be wet ground on a belt sanding device or a disc grinder. A sufficient amount of cutting fluid should be used to collect all the dust and transport it to the collection point.
        Therefore, the following precautions must be taken when grinding magnesium alloy parts:
        1. There must be a grinding machine specially used for the processing of magnesium alloy parts, and the "magnesium-specific" label is attached. The vacuum cleaner should be thoroughly cleaned before the grinding wheel is trimmed.

        2, the surface of the magnesium alloy parts chromate corrosion washed rework grinding, may cause a spark, so to be especially careful not to allow dust gathered in the vicinity.

        3. Grinding equipment operators should use smooth hats; Smooth gloves; Smooth flame retardant garment without pockets and cuffs; The apron or protective clothing used should be clean and dust free and easy to remove.

        4. The warning signs should be placed in a conspicuous place.

        5. A sufficient amount of fire extinguishing equipment should be stored in the work area.
        Grinding and processing of magnesium alloy die-cast parts
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