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        CNC Machining High-precision Aluminum Housing Samples

        Aluminum Housing Samples Machining
        The US company MYRONL COMPANY telephoned the company today and needed to customize a set of aluminum products (aluminum cap, aluminum cylinder). After three days of communication and design planning, we achieved a sample acceptance standard, which is a difficult and happy process.
        The product requirements are strictly analyzed as follows:

        #A and #B,   the larger U-Notch and the smaller U-Notch:
        •    The center line of either Notch should go through the axis (within 0.001”)
        •    Two side walls of either Notch should be sysmetrical to the center line (within 0.001”)
        #1, Material Cert - composition and mechanical properties.
        #2, Laser etched text should be consistent from place to place, part to part and lot to lot.  Supplier should document etching parameters.
        #3, follow note #4 but please don’t over-do.
        #4, please provide cert on the special processing.
        #5, Conduct chemical tests per MPS-540WT.  If possible please provide SDS orMSDS for the ink (paint).
        #6, YYWWS   where S = supplier code.  P is assigned to Polytronix Electronics.  If the enclosure is laser engraved on 2/28/2017, the mfg date code = 1709P.
        #7, NO BREAK PERMISSIBLE in the dimple.  Supplier needs to inspect this feature a sampling plan of C=0, 0.10 or tighter right after the stamping operations of the dimple.
        #8, LCD window and LED hole should not be deburred yet does not cut operator’s finger.
        #9, please inform MLC if PE has difficulty in finding proper Dove Tail Cutter.
        #10, using Go/No Go plug gauge for this inspection
        #11, OD, nominal dimension close to 0.625” is ideal in order to mate with Pen Clip.
        #12, PE might need to do some experiment in order to meet this spec.
        #13, making sure that the overall angle of the cutter is 120 degree.
        #14, the chamfer in these four places are critical to our next level assembly – burrs are not permissible.
        #15, Go/No Go thread gauge (ring gauge) should be used to inspect the thread (2A)
        #16, the LCD window should be parallel to the axis and sysmetrical to the LED hole, within 0.002”.
        #17, the LCD window should be perpendicular to the center line of two notches within 0.25 degree.
        #18, the Dimple should be perpendicular to the center line of two notches within 0.25 degree.
        #19, Logo should be parallel and symmetrical to the LCD window  Logo
        #20, making sure that .25” from end up inside the tube must pass corrosion test
        #21, making sure that chamfers are added to both inside and outside of the tube.
        #22,Logo should be parallel and symmetrical to the LCD window. Logo
        #23, Conduct cosmetic inspection per MPS-537WT.
        #24, Provide RoHS compliance cert.
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